Security –Safety Corner


Our guards work hard to take care of the people coming through the gate. If you have ever just watched on a busy weekend for about 10 minutes; you would see it is not the easiest job. The solution is for us as homeowners to teach our guests what to say when they arrive at the gate. There are two different places that the guards have to look to get someone through the gate. If our guests told them where to look, it would be very helpful. Example: your guest is either on a permanent list in which they should approach security, roll down the window, and say “permanent list A123” or they

should say Write in list A123”. At the very least, be sure they know your lot number. When guests pull in without that lot number, it becomes a game to find it. If your last name is Smith, they will get there, but if your last name is something we don’t know how to spell, it will be difficult to find.

A group of people taking part in July 4th Parade


Ladies, I cannot say this loud enough. When in a parking lot, be on high alert. When you enter your car, please close the door and lock it immediately. Auto-lock at 6 or 8 MPH is too late. Lock immediately.

Courtesy Corner

Did you know that you are to ride in the right-hand lane when traveling on a four-lane road, highway, or interstate except to pass? Please don’t get in the left lane and drive slower than the person behind you… which causes traffic jams.

Don’t forget your blinker. The main purpose of your blinker is to let the person behind you know you are about to apply your brakes. Turning on your blinker as you turn or not using it at all is not a courtesy. 

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